Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Saga Continues...

Chirp chirp phone.  I had just gotten home from work-had escaped at 1 pm much to the disappointment  of my boss.
It was T saying that Falcon had thrown a shoe and his toes were so fact I had been trying to arrange for a farrier to come out and meet me at 3pm, but it just didn't work out.

 I told her I was on my way.  Honestly I felt like crying.    After arriving T, B & S were all there and T went over some more stuff with me about his feet and she had already texted me a number for a farrier, but I had only got voice mail.  Shortly the farrier called and will be coming out tomorrow.  UNFORTUNATELY, I am leaving at 6a.m.  So T got in contact with the resident Trainer and he drove out and met me and Falcon and said that he will hold him for the farrier.  Falcon was very relaxed in the arena, almost sleepy and did allow M to pick up his back feet which still have nails in them...which the last farrier/trainer were supposed to remove last Tuesday.  He basically does not have any heel.  I will have to dig way back in my 2008 photos on this blog and see what they looked like in VA.   I do know that he was never lame and only once threw a shoe.
T really encouraged me and was so nice and helpful as was B.  M the trainer invited me to watch him as he worked with a horse that had severely injured its owner in a crazy mishap.  I liked the way he handled the horse .  I talked to him about Falcon and Nevel.  So at this point I plan on letting Falcon have a couple of weeks off to get used to life without shoes again.  Then in Nov. having M do some work with him (and me) and see if there is any hope for either of us.
Mr Nevel Nuts will get a siesta until January then we will plan his tune up and as the days get longer in the spring. I hope to be riding once again

Nevel and his new pasture mate.  Mr Nevel is just too cute.

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