Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chilly in the City! sure was chilly and cloudy when I walked out from work!  Initially one of the nurses had sent me out because they smelled smoke in one of the O.R.'s  YIKES!  Out I went and it WAS smokey outside, but no flames bursting forth from the building...Oh the treasures of work!  : )

The sky was very overcast, the wind was whipping the leaves off of the trees...and yes a smokey haze in the air.

I had the privilege of leaving work in time to go visit the "ponies" but alas, with the fall chill in the air I had no coat and only a measly t-shirt.
I didn't have time to go home and get  a coat AND make it out to see the boys before dark.  I ordered a thinner pair of waterproof gloves when I ordered my muckboots and hopefully they will arrive early next week.
Note to self-keep a coat, hat and gloves in the car for weather changes!  I might as well throw my headlamp in too since it seems I might not get to see the boys til after dark during the winter weekdays.
...except that I can see those horsies now if I started tromping around the pasture at night with a scary light bobbing on my head!
No doubt there would be snorts and spurts of galloping to be heard from the herd!

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