Monday, October 29, 2012


A visit with the "boys" this afternoon proved to be a success.  Both of them came expectantly to the fence when I drove into the lane.  Nevel is the baby of the family, but he shook his head and gave "stink" eye to Freeman when I came with the halter.

Nevel in true Haflinger style snarfed up his grain and looked for more while I brushed and combed him.  He stands quite well to have his feet picked out.

Falcon eats his food in a more purposeful fashion.  The success was that he allowed me to pick up ALL FOUR FEET!   YAYYYY!  I must say that he did some dancing when I went after his back feet, so I pretended to just pet his side, then his butt then slid my hand down to his foot.  He has a ways to go, but I was impressed since I did not have him tied at all, just had the lead rope draped over my arm loosely.

Mike will start some other desensitizing with him on Thurs. afternoon.

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