Thursday, October 4, 2012

Down Memory Lane...2008

I know I have some close-up shots of Falcons feet from 2008-I know that was a LONG time ago and a LOT has happened since October 2008 and spring of 09...anyway, I thought I would repost this pics of  Falcon from our 2 LD's in Virginia.

This pic was taken about 10 miles or so?  in to the ride at the Virginia Highlands ride-our first LD.
We finished next to last.  BUT we finished!

The pic below is with my friend Karen riding my Missouri Fox trotter "RED" at our 2nd LD. This ride was the FORT VALLEY ride in Fort Valley, VA and is considered a very technical ride.  It is one of three Rides that the OLD DOMINION 100 puts on yearly.  It was her first ride.  Every year the Old Dominion raffles an arab=some of which have won the TEVIS. Asgard's Heraldic 
owned by John Crandell, Jr won bothe the OD 100 and the TEVIS as well as the Haggin Cup in 2006) 
 My friend Karen managed to win the raffle and now has her own endurance bred arab.
 As maybe you can tell it was quite cloudy and the spots on the pic are spots of rain at 7 a.m.  It poured rain for the whole ride, but it was so much fun.  Despite the mud we finished well in the middle of the pack.

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Dom said...

Mmmm... Heraldic. Watched him in the OD 100 last year. What an inspirational horse.