Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am too uptight!

I could name a couple of reasons why...but maybe they are just better left unsaid.  Falcon and I probably aren't the best match at this point in my life.  I used to be very relaxed and that was better for his natural, I don't know what ails me...BUT I have decided to face "it" and see if anything improves.
Work was so busy today, but I managed to escape at 4:30 and headed to the pasture.   I put my window down and yelled, HELLOOOO NEVEL and UP popped Nevel's head, I said hello again and UP popped Falcon's head.  Both of them immediately crossed the creek and headed towards the gate.

Nevel arrived first so he he received his baggie of grain first while I groomed him and picked out his feet.  I took him for a short walk, gave him an apple then let him munch some grass along the road before putting him back in the pasture.

Falcon anxiously tried to get out of the gate without a halter, but we managed to survive that and after some big munches of grass, his grain and a short grooming, K and Major arrived.  Major looked quite spiffy and clean compared to Mr. muddy Falcon.  I was happy to meet K and I totally forgot to thank her!  So THANK YOU K. for telling me about this place where our horseys live!
(I don't think Falcon plans on saving any roadside grass for Major!)

After K and Major walked back up the road, T drove up and said hello.  She offered to trim up Falcon's feet for me if I wanted to walk him up to the barn.  His toes are still so long and he has much dead sole that needs to slough off.  He was very good with his left front, and ok with his right front.  T. showed me and taught me some stuff about his hoof.  Hopefully with the rain, the dead sole will come off so we can trim up his toes again.  Falcon also allowed her to pick up his back feet although he was not as good about it.
I need to start working with his back feet/legs more.  Of course he got lots of treats and T gave him a carrot to make sure they were still friends.
I am getting more relaxed around him again, but still need to work on that, so the more I handle him I know from the past, the better it will be.
Being around the horses always helps my brain empty of all of the stressful things from work.  In fact I had so many good endorphins charging around that I almost pulled into my driveway before I realized my car was almost on I had to zip back out to the corner to get some gas!

It's always good to end the day with the "ponies" on my mind.

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Christine said...

I often forget to check my fuel too! Whoops :D

Glad the ponies at the end of the day are a good remedy for you!