Monday, October 8, 2012

The Grass is Greener...

...on the OTHER SIDE of the CREEK!

I escaped from work with a few specks of daylight left and so I headed out to the farm to see the "boys."
They were on the OTHER side of the creek (which seemed fuller than last week) at the far end of the pasture.  I decided to walk over to them but managed to "fall off" of the "bridge" which is a warped board.  : )  So my right foot was quite soggy squishy.
Both Falcon and Nevel's heads popped up (in comparison to the other horses that didnt give me the time of day) when I arrived.  Falcon knickered and I started petting him.  Nevel came over to get some lovin too....but then a bay horse walked with major determination towards us and Falcon tensed up.

I stepped away and none too soon as the bay rushed falcon and there was a bit of a ruckus as the bay tried to run them both off, then promptly walked away.  I returned to scratch and love on them for about 20 min.  Falcon picked up his feet nicely for me.
Falcon had his feet trimmed on Friday...I was out of town so I need to catch up with Mike to see how Falcon behaved.

The bay returned, so I opted to leave instead of being the victim of some unplanned horsey crime.

I love October, but these short days are "shorting" my time with the horsies.

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