Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day With the "Ponies"

Falcon first-but I didn't have my camera with me when I went for him.  He kindly plodded across the creek for me but I had already walked across the "bridge" and so had to return. 
It really has some warped see-saw qualities to it.
 At the end...I had it in my mind to just stride right across...but I  SLIPPED AGAIN!  sheesh...this time my foot went in a hole that had a huge thorny plant growing in it.  Falcon just stood there looking at me like I was crazy.
I took him up to the barn and put him in cross ties and brushed him, also picked out his front feet, but left the hinds alone today.  I am happy with no mishaps with the fronts.
After that he got a small pan of grain mixed with ZIMECTRIN WORMER...
Yep, snuck it right in there along with an apple for good measure.
He lapped it right up.  Then we walked the 2/10 of a mile back to the pasture.
I walked back to my truck and drove back to the pasture as I was still a little under the weather from my flue shot.
I called to Nevel and he started walking towards me.
"Is this good mom?"
"Wait, I HAVE to cross the creek?"
"Maybe I will just eat some grass"
"Ok, I will come, but only if you have a treat"
"Doesn't Falcon have to come too?"
"He thinks he can be all pretty munching grass by the "reflection" pool!"
"But look at me!  The heavenly light shines on ME!"
"Aren't I HANDSOME?"

Yep Nevel is just TOO cute and insisted on following me around the pasture.
He got a good 30-40 min of loving and also a small pan of feed with...
Yep....WORMER and an apple.
soon mr. nevel....very soon (like in a couple of months soon)...were gonna go for a RIDE!

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