Monday, January 21, 2013

In the meantime...

It will most likely be another month before Allegheny Trail Saddles has my Wade saddle made.  I ordered it about a month ago after using their Steele "fit guides" to hopefully get a saddle that fits Falcon.

I have looked around at used saddles and it seems that if it fit me, it didn't fit Falcon...I have thought about those tree-less saddles that fit any horse-but have found so many mixed reviews and also a lot of them for re-sale on ebay that I opted not to go that route either.

Mikes Big Horn cordura fits him pretty well and I tried some out at the local tack shops, but I didn't really care for the price on them so I started searching around for used ones on Ebay.

One guy had one that I liked, but he never did give me the info on with regard to the gullet width, so he lost the sale on that one.

Last night I was perusing new ones on the internet and WOW, two of the companies were having a sale on the Big Horn endurance models and a whopping 40% off the price. I went with the company that was slightly more expensive because of the free shipping, so it balanced out.

I have just GOT to start riding again.  I have seen pretty good reviews on the Big horns-at least more good than bad.  It will be a good option to switch out now and then with the Wade whenever it comes and should Nevel as well in another year or two when HE grows up and fills out like Falcon did.

These horses..."nuthin but money pits!"  : )

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