Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nursing sore knees...

...but not with a pack of frozen peas.

A cold pack saved from Dr Foster and Smith shipment is helping to ease the pain.
I suppose I can blame someone else, but he isn't accepting guess I will just take it as an accident, cause I am not accepting responsibility either regardless of the fact that I must have been following too closely.

No, this wasn't a horse accident.  It was a biking accident in which I could not get my shoes unclipped from the pedals fast enough during a sudden stop. ( bike clips are great, most of the time.)Wham! Onto the pavement I crashed and now sport two sore scratched one swollen.

A young black man rode up behind us and asked if everything was, not really, so he asked if he could pray...and so he did.  Amazingy! It touched my soul, and I don't even remember what he said his name was.

I discovered that it was a bit  painful to ride and we were maybe 4 miles from the car.  The M.G.  Rode onward while I limped up the hill to a place to wait for him to get the car.  Now he is kindly timing my ice treatment with 20 min. on and 20 off.   That was after the Advil and wine/whine

I guess I better get up and move around before my 53 y/o knees lock up for good.

Huh...and I was afraid to get on my horse?

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