Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slow Movin' Haflinger

Maybe this year I will ride again....

In the meantime I have had 3 opportunities this week to get out and visit the horses...mostly just to feed and brush them, but today I decided that Nevel had been getting a bit pushy and needed to be reminded of his manners.
To the round pen we went-but he took full advantage of the fact that I was trying to film him with my camera and opted to be mr. pokey until I put it away.  Also in the video you will catch a glimpse of two horses.  The white horse was EXTREMELY evil after I put my phone away...baring it's teeth in the most ugly fashion I had ever seen and flattening its ears so tight to the head that it looked like they were non-existant.  The horse would then go raring off kicking and bucking before returning for Nevel's next return on that side of the pen.  Regardless, Nevel seemed un-phased, did fairly well with some unfilmed cantering and turns and earned a walk up the lane to lush green grass.

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