Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time to break in the new Ariats!

The old ones have gone many a-mile
They've been through the mud
Through "rocky hell" and high water
They've shrunk
and even stretched
After awhile.
Time to trade em in.
So I wore them out to the farm today
Nice and sunny and dry...
Then found those "ponies" clear across the creek
Not interested at all in what I had to speak.
So here they are my nice new shoes
Broken in with mud and dust in just a moment of time.
Looking just like the old ones...
But still feeling nice and fine!

1 comment:

SunnySD said...

Ariat Terrains are the best, aren't they? I've worn out two pairs and the latest ones are probably not going to survive mud season this year, but they take a heck of a beating. I even talked my husband into trying them. He was skeptical, they cost too much, etc., but they've survived so far and he keeps wearing them and he's not complaining about how much they cost anymore, so I think he might be a convert - lol!