Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thwarted Again

I was going to actually ride Falcon today.
Even had my helmet and saddle.
I Saddled him up and took him to the arena.
He lunged fine.  But no amount of snugging up that girth
kept the saddle from slipping towards the earth!

Mike did not have his saddle with him, so we are hoping for tomorrow. the meantime...back at the ranch...How cute is THIS?
Nevel is pouting and impatient over being tied and wanting a snack.

I had put the saddle on Nevel and it fit him pretty well I think.
I put his bridle on to make sure it still fit properly since he has gone up 2 halter sizes since I got him this summer.
He lunged VERY nicely without any buckeroos.
Here he waits patiently for a snack.

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