Saturday, February 16, 2013

and...the SAGA continues!

Will I EVER get to REALLY ride my horse in a saddle that I REALLY like?

My new saddle arrived from Allegheny Mountain Trail Saddles on Tuesday, but due to work I did not get out to the "field" until today.

And before I start my Diatribe let me first say that AMTS has been very interactive with me about the process I went through to fit him and get the saddle made.

Falcon was very relaxed and I saw T while he was eating and told her I had a new saddle to try on him.
She offered to help give an opinion.

Well, I knew something was wrong as soon as I put it on him:
It seemed off centered or something.
It seemed to be tighter on the right, but ok on the left
However you can see that the pommel is "looking" towards the left at me
instead of looking straight down his neck
 Here is another view.
Here the underside does not look even
 flatter on the left as it should be-but more bowed up on the right which made it a tighter fit.
 It is a little harder to see in the next two pictures, but the underside is not even.
 In the below pic you can see that the left panel sits up higher than the right.
When I got home I emailed AMTS with pictures.  I didn't bother to call because of the 3 hour time difference-it would be 8pm in New York.
Staci from AMTS emailed me back immediately and said she could not access pics from her phone at home but would check from the office first thing in the morning.
She also assured me that it sounded like a manufacturing problem and that she would handle it.

Of course I was very happy to hear that from her, so we shall see what happens next and hope I get a better fitting saddle before the temps rise to 105!  : )

On another note, K & Major have invited Falcon and I out for a mosey to the lake tomorrow.  I shall have to utilize the Big Horn which left a dry spot on his right shoulder last week-which means IT doesn't fit properly either...but not from its issue, but probably from Falcons confirmation.  T had put a thin shim in my SKITO saddle pad when we were working with the AMTS so maybe it will be enough to help the Big Horn fit a little better.

I don't know whether to be discouraged or not-another boarder at the farm said she tried 17 saddles in one day and still could not find one to fit her horse.

Well both T and I are  sure the AMTS saddle is crooked...I hate the thought of dragging that beautiful saddle to the UPS store...I just wanted to put it on and ride.

Ok this must mean something greater is yet to come!


SunnySD said...

Saddle fit is a miserable bugbear to deal with. I'm so glad the company is going to make it right for you! I've had recurring issues with Sunny - short back, mutton withers, round body... if it fits him, it doesn't fit me and vice versa.

Sounds like you guys had a gorgeous ride :)

falconfeathers said...

I never remember having saddle issues in my "horsey" past. Of course Falcon was only he does tend to be rounded and more muttoned with a hollow in his left shoulder.

But then again, maybe I was clueless about saddles back in 06.

It seems that so many people have saddle fit issues these days.