Sunday, February 3, 2013

On the Trail

Today I worked some energy out of Falcon in the round pen then put a saddle on him.
Then I lunged him in the arena and climbed aboard.  After a few boring rounds in the hot sun...yes it was HOT today  " ) -maybe 73 degrees or so I decided I was going to go out on the trail.  No one was around to ride with either...
 He was a little snorty on the lane and the first portion of the trail, but after that he was pretty relaxed.
I am probably crazy for riding him out on the trail alone since this is only my third time on him in 4 years.  But that is how we started back in '07, it will be ok this time around too.  We mostly walked...with a little bit of trotting.  I am not sure I like this Big Horn saddle, but maybe it just needs to be broken in.
How many times can you say whoahhhhh?  LOL...

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irish horse said...

awesome! Even brave enough to take photos and video! The trails are greening up nicely. Good job just getting out there. I did so many short rides, a little loop, back to the arena. A little longer loop. I know you'll get there!