Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Skeeters are Biting!

71 degrees when I arrived at the field!
The wild plum trees are blooming and as I walked through the trees with Falcon 
Their delicious scent wafted in the breeze
 Nevel and Freeman had been apart for a WHOLE HOUR and were so happy to see each other
They proceeded to lovingly groom each other under the blossoms.
 Strange little flowers are blooming...what might these be?
Does anyone know what the below are?
According to my "Flowers of the Pacific Northwest"
They most closely resemble "MANROOT"
Apparently the Indians used the plant to treat kidney problems and skin sores, but interestingly enough
other information I discovered said that it is irritating to the skin...

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irish horse said...

Yes, it's California Manroot. It has a super evil fruit, just a nasty thorny burr, when it dries it'll just stick to the horses. But pretty for now!

I have a book I like, The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada. It is a good simple book, organized really well, with lots of nice color illustrations, found it to be the best for this area.