Monday, February 18, 2013

The Mustangs !!!!

 (of Las Colinas, Texas)

My "mr m.g." is in Texas and took a couple of pics of my FAVORITE mustangs.  I mosied back through pictures that I took of them as well when we were there last February.  The artistic work is amazingly detailed and life like.  The movement is fabulous.  I absolutely became emotional when viewing these mustangs.
The Stallion

 This mare was my favorite with her intense look as she decides where to place her feet in the water.
Her foal and the stallion dash behind her.
 another foal fearful launches into the water.
 The mad dash of the herd.

 a distant view
A view from the hotel across the street.  The mustangs are far below in front of the tall center building.

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