Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring HAD Sprung...

...but now it has sprung a LEAK!
and...BRRRR it is COLD!   I left work at 2 today to run some errands and the sky decided to open up at the very moment that I walked out of the door!  SLANTED RAIN, WIND, HAIL!  BRRRR!!!!~

So I  drove to UPS and by then the rain had stopped and I was able to deliver the saddle for shipping unimpeded by the weather.
Then I went to gas up the car (with that EXTREMELY pricey volatile stuff) and headed to the feed store:

Grit for Chickens
Quill-perky as ever
 Muff looks a bit bedraggled from the rain!
Her muff is not fluffed!

✪  Elk Grove milling Stable mix for "the boys"
Nevel doesn't seem to mind being wet, but Falcon was actually shivering today while eating his grain, but stopped shivering after his tummy was full of grain and grass.

✪  Paste Wormer-oh yum-a favorite orange yuk!
✪  Peppermint Horsey snacks -a new treat, the horses prefer apple and carrot flavored snacks, but they didn't turn them down!

Back at home the doggies were excited to see me despite the fact that I did not give them any snacks!
The cats took turns visiting with me on the bar chair next to my computer.
 And of course the sun came out just in time to warm up the clouds before it set!
The moon ethereally floated along
Drifting across the sky
And I was glad to be home
Warm and cozy 

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