Sunday, February 10, 2013

We almost made it...

We walked...and we walked...and we trotted some...
even managed a bit of a tight bouncy canter...
But too many low hanging limbs and knee knocking trees ...
 We wandered up and down the trails...
back and forth...
Wow there are so many trails...which way to go?
Finally we crested a big hill...and THERE IT WAS!!!!
Folsom Lake and the dam far off in the distance.

Surely SOMEWHERE the trail leads down to the lake.
I opted to turn back at this point since Falcon was a little sore in his bare feet.
Also we had been out for 30 min and he had been well behaved.
I didn't want to push my luck.  As it was he tripped once and went down, bumping his chin.
I was amazed that I stayed on through that one.
On the way home we encountered a jeep, but they were polite 
slow and quiet until we passed.
Falcon also was polite and stepped off the trail to allow several riders to pass.
Another AWESOME One Hour ride in beautiful weather.
Next week I need to take my old GPS and see if I can map my trails since I have no clue where I am going back in those woods of never ending trails.


irish horse said...

I'd be happy to show you around, or Dune's owner would too. There is actually only one good lake access, and a million trails to get there! Good job exploring!

falconfeathers said...

Thanks! I would love that. yesterday when I was working Falcon in the arena (which was short lived)
Major was ZONKED-flat out-dead looking in his field. No doubt soaking up the "rays."