Sunday, February 3, 2013

When I was thin...

I used to say I would never wear riding tights if I had a big butt or stomach...
Now I feel like this!...
I wear riding tights, (even though I have trouble in the "extra groceries" department) because they are the most comfortable thing to wear when riding!

I am trying to add a page to my blog-but am having trouble with it.  So for today I need to publicly say that I am indeed making a conscious effort to get back in shape.  I have to be accountable to someone besides myself.  This last week I made a considerable effort with a total of:
32 miles-bike riding
2- 30 min. sessions of elliptical followed by crunches and arm weights
12 miles worth of walking.

Is there such a thing as TONED FAT?

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SunnySD said...

Good for you! When we moved I donated my elliptical (smaller house, no space...) and I get very cranky when I don't exercise regularly. I can feel the cookies creeping down to my thighs - lol! So I've been making do with walking, but I've been thinking about trying out the Wii-fit... I like outside better, though.