Sunday, February 17, 2013


It was a BEAUTIFUL day!
and a BEAUTIFUL ride despite my saddle issues.
K and Major were patient and took us for a long "directive" and lovely ride to the lake.

Falcon was pondering a good roll in the sand and even walked into the water.    It was warm, but NOT warm enough for a swim!
He loves water and likes to paw and splash and roll in it.
It was indeed Fabulous weather and K gave me some great info about the trails and also some of the canal history.  I like history!  

Here he is on the alert for Folsom State Prison escapees...
ok...not was just some people with a dog...or maybe it was some guys in a boat...
Falcon was a good boy and only had a few minor spooks and two minor bucks going up a steep hill.   He did well picking his way down over various rocky areas.
Will have to work on his BRAKES some though.  I am expecting an immediate stop when I ask for it-but I sure don't get it!  : )

SADDLE FIT:  The Bighorn endurance fits Falcon pretty well, no dry spots.
But ME? throws me forward, but makes my BUTT stick out and although the stirrup leathers easily turn out, the stirrups themselves continually turned in and after 6 miles I was tired of struggling with them, during which time Falcon decided to trot home.  I just wasn't up for it in my unbalanced seat and his propensity to trip.

After looking at the pics, maybe I should shorten the stirrups a notch?

Actually it looks like I should lengthen them-but then I would be standing on my tippy toes...

Thoughts anyone?

Tipsy turvy lake view with mr "frizzle top"
Furry Falcon was very sweaty and enjoyed his shower when he got home- After lunch and grass munch I returned him to his pasture and took Nevel out for "lunch and munch."  In the meantime, Falcon and the bay Mare were RACING all over the pasture at full speed, bucking at times (Falcon tripping a few times) and whinnying for Nevel and Freeman.

Falcon came to the creek and took the BIGGEST FLYING FLAT OUT bad form leap I have ever seen in my life.  I wish I could have videoed it.  It was truly funny to see him clear a TINY creek that he could have stepped over with a jump big enough for a four foot fence.

The Bay Mare followed suit:  After racing up and down the creek bank a few times, she circled and jumped high, flat and long just like Falcon.  Silly horses!!!!!!

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Dom said...

Looks like a gorgeous ride. Sad the saddle didn't work for YOU, especially since it fit him. Pain in the butt! Literally.