Saturday, February 9, 2013

Maybe I should start writing a book!

Presently the time spent with my ponies has been severely limited.  I really should not complain because I DO have a decent job that pays well so that I can support my "PASTURE POTATOES!"
But if I could write a book about my days of "Interim Management" for the last 4 might be quite an interesting tale to some.  The picture below most likely does not have any meaning to any of my blog readers-it is only a representation of the fact that we often share our instruments with the Main O.R. across the parking lot.  But it amounts to a large amount of headache for my job when trying to keep track of where everything is and making sure everyone communicates well.
 Below are some pics of my cat Lexi
She represents some of my expressions that I no doubt use at work when given information that I don't particularly like!  : )
"I don't want to HEAR it!  Speak to the HAND!  : )
"YOU ARE KIDDING ME!...NO we cant add on another surgery...I have to go ride my HORSES!"
(So that I can break my OWN bones!)
"That's IT...I am OUTA HERE!"

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